Top 10 Card Game App and Software Development Companies

In the world of smartphones, no one wants to play the games in a traditional way, everyone is adopting an online mode to play the games. Millions of online card game apps are now available on the play store and Apple store, the reason behind the popularity is centralized into few things as it is an addictive, fun game that can be played with family and friends, and most importantly it is used as a potential source of revenue generation by entrepreneurs.

In global market research, this is found that the audience for this game is young, 35% audience is aged 22- 26 and 25% are aged 27–35. Only a small part of the audience belongs to the 40 above age group. These facts and figures show that the market of card games has been centered on a young audience.

During the period of lockdown, so many game app development companies have taken initiative in this field to bring out a change in the card game industry. Card game apps include numerous types of gaming like poker game apps, rummy, teen Patti, texas hold 'em, and so on. Card game app development companies have come with the new revolution that is multiplayer gaming where the game can be played with multiple users in a team.

Some Advanced Features that Should be Present in a Card App Application

  • Personalized Chat
  • 2D and 3D games
  • Relevant application for all types of platforms
  • Multi-player game
  • Unique features and advanced technology
  • Timely-updation
  • Easy installation and easy download
  • Extraordinary User-experience
  • Highly secure cash transactions
  • User-Friendly and user-appealing interface.
  • Fluent online-connectivity for all types of networks
  • Real-time up-gradation
  • Congruent with all mobile devices
  • Artificial intelligence and So on.

Let’s have a look at the list of Top 10 Card game app and software development companies that have expertise in developing responsive and bug-free card game applications.

Mobiweb Technologies:

Mobiweb Technologies is a new-aged gaming giant with expertise in card game app development. They provide readymade card game app solutions like rummy game app development, poker game app development, teen Patti game app development, Blackjack, and so on. They use amazing graphics, multiple design modules, good-quality sound effects, and multiple payment gateways to make a unique card game app. Their experienced team of developers design 2D and 3D mobile game platforms for users to give them an innovative experience. Unique theme, use of excellent colors, and UI elements make their application more attractive. The team of experts at Mobiweb is well acquainted with modern trends and the latest technology and that’s why they provide unique, secure, and engaging card game solutions globally.

Logic Simplified:

Logic Simplified is a leading Card game app development company. Ninth Century China saw the first reference of Playing cards which survived (in four suits) in various local, cultural, regional variations till a 52 cards traditional deck enabled the creation of countless no. of playing card games through the medieval and modern world. Since then card games have dominated the gaming world and its magic has created a niche Online Card and Social Casino Card games community. The traditional 52 card deck or any card game can be developed with new or traditional gameplay, rules, number of players, the direction of play, shuffling, deals, and winning logic. Over the years, Logic Simplified has developed multiple card and social casino card games and now boasts of a Dedicated and Specialist Card Game development team.

AryaVarta Technologies:

Aaryavarta, a card game development company, has developed games related to cards that are played by the players for their entertainment. They have designed card games with a specific purpose of gaming with traditional decks having formally standardized rules but nowadays rather than playing traditional card games, many people prefer to play them online. As we compared folk’s games whose rules vary by region, culture & person, in that case, a small number of card games are played everywhere. Aaryavarta card game development company has used games using playing cards to exploit the fact that cards are individually identifiable on the screen so that each player knows only the card He/She holds or not those held by anyone else.


Mobzway is a leading card game development company that has expertise in building next-gen applications for android, iOS, Mac, windows, and all the popular web browsers. They are a full-service card game app development company that specializes in interactive design and development of the most advanced web pages and mobile apps. They focus on the creation of user-centered design and develop customized web applications for a variety of card games like rummy, casino, poker, and much more. Their card gaming websites and mobile apps are developed according to the unique requirements of the clients.


WorkLooper is a well-established IT and service and solution provider in Delhi, NCR.

Amazing graphics, swift card swipes, multiple design modules, and high-quality sound effects are the factors that distinguish them from the rest of the card game developers. Their mobile game developers will provide a feature-rich card game that you can enjoy with friends and family. WorkLooper online game development company enables the business to develop their own unique card games and should find out some new factors from it all time.


Infocom is a well-known card game app development company. They help game publishers create their own version of card games with themes and UI elements that match their unique style. They create games for all platforms including web games. Their 10-year expertise in card game development really benefited their clients to create an amazing product at the end that matches the client’s expectation and budget. Their extensive expertise in card games and our talented team of designers and developers will assure top-notch card game solutions. They charge only for the services they offer so that the end product is reasonably priced and they offer free maintenance for up to a year. Proper documentation of different phases will be provided during the project hand over stage.

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AIS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.

AIS Technolabs is a well-established card development company. They provide a reliable solution for your game development requirement. Hire their game developers to transform your vision and dream into a real and functioning concept. Their skilled and experienced card game developers are committed to delivering excellent results for the desktop and mobile versions. They offer different types of card game development like Rummy, BlackJack, slot game, Teen Patti, Poker, and others. They are the globally acknowledged card game development company and they have amazing card games for all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and others.

Adrian Crook:

AdrianCrook + Associates is a trusted card game app design and development consultancy that will help turn your ideas into reality or change your card game application to suit your players. They are a passionate bunch when it comes to game design. AC+A strives to maximize the true potential of our clients’ card game apps on any platform. Their card game app design and development consultancy have the excellent technical know-how and relevant industry expertise to help their clients create a card game application that has the potential to attract a great array of users. From metagame design to prototyping to user experience and user interface to narrative design and more, they are able to help you create a winning card game app. You can rest assured that they possess vast experience in helping our clients build both iOS and Android applications.


Creatiosoft, a well-established card game development company, is a one stop reliable offshore and bespoke game development company to hire card game developers to transform your vision and dream into reality for such wonderful games. They have come up with innovative ways of plotting out games by applying our creative and technical skills at every stage of the card game development journey. What makes them stand away from other companies is swift card swipes, amazing graphics, multiple design options, and high-quality sound effects that help them in creating an enriched game experience for single and multiplayer games.


iMuons Web Solutions is a leading company in card game development. Their services include properly designing, developing, and programming card games for multiple platforms by using technologies like Unity and languages C#. Their expert game developers are proficient in incorporating premium features for iOS, Android. iMuons strives for quality and efficiency in all their card games. Get an amazing UI for the multiplayer card game applications. They integrate specific requirements based on client business needs.

Final Verdict:

I hope this read helped you to know about the top 10 card game app development companies in 2021–22. I have mentioned the features of gaming apps and the qualities of app development companies in this blog post. If you are looking to design a card game app then this is a perfect time to start a profitable gaming business.




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Fantasy Sports | iGaming | Sports Betting | ESports | Healthcare | Enterprise Mobility

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