Top 10 Fantasy Football Software, App & Website Development Companies 2021–22

With the high revenue share and die-hard fan following, football has become the most played and most fascinating game of the 21st century. Football has a 400 million fan base across the world. Countries like The USA, India, China, and the United Arab Emirates have thousands of football fan followings, and countries like Thailand, Chile, and Portugal are the most popular countries where people not only love to watch but also love to play football on playgrounds.

Due to the immense love of fans, football is being used as a business opportunity by a lot of enterprises. People are looking for investment opportunities in football and organizations are spending their time and money to establish billion-dollar businesses from football. Because millions of fans following Fantasy football app development services are also gaining huge popularity among the newbies.

Fantasy sports itself is a $7.22 billion industry of the world. Moreover, organizations are investing money in Fantasy Soccer app development services as it is part of Football gaming. In the season of football premier leagues, NFL, FIFA, European, UEFA Champions League are the most fascinating football leagues which are being used as a revenue-raiser by businesses.

Business/Revenue Model of Fantasy Football/Soccer

As the liquid money is flowing in the market, the Fantasy football market is ready to launch fantasy football software and applications. To understand the revenue model of football read the below points.

  • With the development of fantasy football applications users and admin both have to sign up with mail IDs.
  • By doing signup with an email ID or social accounts, users will get access to the application to play the game.
  • Users can either do fresh sign up or can use referral code given by family and friends to get more reward points.
  • Before starting the game, the user has to select the type of league such as Private, public, or pro league.
  • After selecting the league, the user has to create a team and can make changes before the starting match.
  • Users can analyze the performance of other team members and at the end, the points will distribute among the team members.

Without much delay, Check out the below listed Top 10 Fantasy Football Software and App Development Companies 2021–22, that can furnish you with a fabulous fantasy football mobile application, as per your precise requirements. These companies not only offer expert consulting services but are also proficient in creating the best soccer applications.

  1. Mobiweb USA

Mobiweb USA offers customized fantasy football software and app development services globally. A highly professional team of Mobiweb is capable of handling pre-established businesses as well as start-ups. They always seek to create fantasy football apps that can attract all the football enthusiasts and enhance user engagement. Developers believe in creating exceptional experiences for the customers of the client and build successful fantasy football apps by combining the latest technologies with knowledge of fantasy sports.

2. Agnito Technologies

At Agnito Technologies, they explore Fantasy Football App Development by helping businesses and letting them enter the segment effortlessly. They also offer ready-made as well as 100% customizable solutions. The app will have all the functionalities and features just like professional football apps. With a dedicated Fantasy Football App, you are able to engage fanatics. Not only this, players’ sports knowledge allows them to win and earn on the go.

2. Mobiweb Technologies

Mobiweb Technologies is a renowned Fantasy football software and app development company and has a good name in creating iGaming and betting products. They design interactive dashboards with some advanced features such as live streaming, reward & bonus, custom ad module to give a high-quality user-experience. A team of highly qualified developers with massive experience will assist you to create ideal solutions for fantasy football and a committed team of developers has all the knowledge related to fantasy football policies that will help your business to uphold the goodwill of itself.

3. IMG Global Infotech

IMG Global Infotech Pvt. Ltd. provides both custom solutions as well as from-scratch development depending on your requirements. They have an expert team of highly professional individuals who are more than capable to handle start-ups as well as pre-established businesses. Their professional team of developers backed with years of experience is ready to take you to the next level.


Mtoag specializes in fantasy football website design & development. They are apt at developing custom fantasy sports software and super exciting fantasy football apps for business clientele. The fantasy football apps are completely user-centric and customized according to national and international sports leagues. Mtoag is your right stop for a proficient development partner for web, iPhone or Android Apps development for fantasy football website design & development.

5. App Dupe

At Appdupe, they extend fantasy football app development services to help businesses enter this remunerative segment effortlessly. Their solutions are ready-made and 100% customizable, enabling you to launch the app in the shortest turnaround time. It comes with all features and functionality integrated like other popular fantasy football apps in the market.

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6. Fan Arena

Fan Arena is a leading fantasy football software development company. Their software adapts to your business goals, context, and audiences. Each iteration of our product roadmap adds exciting new functionality for your fans. They serve as an R&D lab while your solution is always kept up-to-date with the latest technology.

7. Mentobile

Mentobile is a leading fantasy football app & web development service provider. Team of experts builds high-quality custom fantasy football software & websites for exciting Season-long & daily fantasy football games. They provide customer and white label fantasy cricket software, and work as a partner and will also support your product pre and post-launch. They worked on fantasy day by day and excited to launch and deliver the best product in the market.

8. Next Big Technology

Next Big Technology is one of the Top Fantasy Football App Development Companies. They have an experienced and skilled team of Web & App Developers. Their team is versed in providing Fantasy Football App Development Solution as per your requirements.

Next Big Technology provides high-quality Fantasy Football App Development Services, which is requirement specific and user-oriented. They always provide a user-friendly solution that covers all needs as per current market trends. Designers design innovative and attractive solutions that make you stand out in a competitive market.

9. Webline India

Webline team implemented the solution with a view for the prediction based on the classical way and development way to guess which player will play where and on which position in the Fantasy Football squad. There are real-time Notifications based on Status changes in Predictions. A team of developers has implemented real-time player statistics/Squad. To make it dynamic, they have used browser culture for multilingual support to provide facility as per the user’s local address. They have implemented a Cron task scheduler to make smooth and fast operations.

10. Artoon Solutions

As a fantasy sports app developer, Artoon has the immense experience that will help you in creating exemplary fantasy sports solutions. If you are looking for NFL API alternatives, then join hands with Artoon and kick start your journey into the realm of online football betting. This field is highly profitable no matter what monetization strategy you take up, so it is widely evident that it is not going down from the market any soon. They can provide custom solutions as well as develop a great app from scratch adhering to your requirements.

Wrapping Up:

I hope this read will help you while establishing a business. So, if you are in the mood to develop fantasy football software then this is the perfect time to start a fantasy football business. Choose a trusted fantasy football app development partner to level up your business to get success in the fantasy sports business.

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